Peter Vessenes Announces Deluge Network To Support a Safe and Direct Way to Contribute Bitcoin Directly to ICOs

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Peter Vessenes, Managing Director of New
, a leading advisory group in the blockchain and tokenization
industry, today announced he and a team of engineers are developing Deluge
, the first service to allow users to directly contribute
Bitcoin to an ICO without an exchange. Currently, ICO contributors must
use a two-step process: 1) send Bitcoin to an exchange to convert it to
Ethereum or ERC20 token, 2) contribute. This process can take an hour or
more and is prohibitively expensive for large transactions. In contrast,
the Deluge process will be inexpensive, direct, and extremely fast.

Deluge Network will enable Bitcoin to act as if it is moving on the
Ethereum blockchain by fully backing the Deluge Bitcoin Token (DBTC)
with an equal amount of Bitcoin (BTC). This will allow fast and easy
conversion both to and from Bitcoin. Transaction times and fees will be
minimal, and the transaction will be as simple as identifying an ICO’s
address and sending DBTC using Deluge wallet software. Users can also
receive DBTC directly back to their wallet. Deluge Network will not only
give Bitcoin holders a clear, direct, and safe path to contribute to
ICOs, but will also open up a wide array of Ethereum blockchain payment
functionality to Bitcoin.

Future plans include extending Deluge Network to other cryptocurrencies,
such as Zcash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold.

Said Vessenes: “Converting Bitcoin into Ethereum has become increasingly
difficult and costly, and with the rise in popularity of ICOs, it’s more
important than ever to simplify this process. Existing exchanges and
trading desks can take an hour to days to process; fees and slippage can
total up to 10%. We propose something different: Deluge delivers both
the value of Bitcoin as well as the smart contract features, speed, and
price benefits of Ethereum. As a first benefit, any ICO participant can
use Deluge to fund an ICO directly with their Bitcoin through an easy,
decentralized process.”

The first ICO to use Deluge will be Bloq Inc’s Metronome,
a hotly anticipated cross-chain digital asset launching in February 2018.

To learn more about Deluge Network and stay up-to-date on its progress,

About Deluge Network
Deluge Network will allow Bitcoin,
Monero, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies the benefits of
Ethereum’s flexibility and functionality. With its patent-pending
technology, Deluge will create innovative, global solutions to reduce
friction and centralization in digital payment protocols. To learn more,

About New Alchemy
New Alchemy is a strategy and technology
advisory and investment group specializing in tokenization. New Alchemy
coordinates successful ICO launches for its clients by providing them
with C-level strategy, smart contract development, project management,
token game theory, and marketing services. A company that truly
understands the disruptive nature of blockchain technology and
tokenization, New Alchemy is shaping the blockchain industry’s impact on
society. Founded in 2016 by early Bitcoin innovator Peter Vessenes, New
Alchemy has quickly established itself as the leading consulting group
in the blockchain/tokenization space. Since launch, New Alchemy
customers have created more than $1.4 billion in value through their
tokenizations. To learn more, visit

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