The HTMLCOIN Foundation Announces the Addition of Michael Stollaire as Technical Adviser

The HTMLCOIN Foundation, the company behind the leading hybrid blockchain, HTMLCOIN, announces the addition of Michael Stollaire (Verge/Titanium/Electroneum) as Technical Advisor to the HTMLCOIN Foundation. In addition, the HTMLCOIN Foundation is excited to announce a strategic partnership between HTMLCOIN ($HTML) and Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services, Inc.(TBIS).

The inclusion of Michael Stollaire to the HTMLCOIN Foundation Advisory Board and the partnership with TBIS follows the recent announcement of P.O.M.A.—HTMLCOIN’s Proof of Mass Adoption Ecosystem Platform, which is one of the first major initiatives to be launched by HTMLCOIN.Business.

The HTMLCOIN Foundation is quoted as saying, “In order to enhance the marketability and branding of the hybrid blockchain technology of the HTMLCOIN blockchain platform, we’ve decided to bring Michael Stollaire (Verge/Titanium/Electroneum) on as a Technical Adviser to open up strategic partnerships and increase our exposure and support ability on high-volume exchanges and hardware/software wallets. We feel that Stollaire’s experience will be invaluable in our partnership with TBIS—a partnership we are very excited about, as HTMLCOIN’s blockchain platform has the ability to provide the foundational aspects for the Titanium Ecosystem product line.”

“Michael’s experience, vision, and integrity will add more value to the mass adoption commitment we have with the HTMLCOIN blockchain community and the rest of the world,” said Arturo Morales, HTMLCOIN Executive Vice-President of Marketing and Sales.

Simon Telfer, HTMLCOIN Executive Vice-President of Business Development and Innovation said, “We are very pleased and excited to welcome Michael on board. It’s not often you meet like-minded executives who understand that the transformational power of the blockchain lies in the core principles of decentralization and mass adoption.”

Telfer continued, “The year 2018 is going to be an interesting year for us all, as we need to show how we will all deliver on our promises. And with Michael’s evangelical support, we know our HTMLCOIN development team is looking forward to collaborating with Titanium to help them achieve their vision of practical utility and real world use.”

The new HTMLCOIN is described as not just a cryptocurrency but a new secure SHA256d blockchain based on a fully integrated Bitcoin Core and Ethereum cpp client codebase that delivers Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (DAPPS). It implements an extendable design that is capable of adding more Virtual Machines (VM) than most other blockchain platforms, and is enabled through an Account Abstraction Layer. This allows an account based VM to function on a Bitcoin UTXO based blockchain. It has the strength of Bitcoin and the flexibility and features of Ethereum all on one platform.

Further information about HTMLCOIN can be found here

More information about Titanium Blockchain can be located here –

Titanium Complete Whitepaper

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