How to calculate the exact amount of Bitcoin riches you've missed out on

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The value of Bitcoin has been a roller coaster, and a select few have come out on top. 

If you, like most of us, are not among the cryptocurrency elite, never fear. The Bitcoin Regret Club, featured on Product Hunt, is here to remind you just how disappointed you should be that you didn’t invest in bitcoin. 

The Club’s calculator is very simple. To start, enter a date and an investment amount. 

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The website works its magic, then tells you exactly how much money you didn’t make from that investment. For example, if I’d invested $400 on June 6 2013, I would now have $35,586. 

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Helpfully, the site can also tell you how many products you could have bought, had you been a more daring cryptocurrency investor. For example, with my bitcoin non-revenue, I could have bought 177,930 packs of ramen. 

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Sad, though I probably didn’t need the calories. 

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