Ditch-it ICO We’re All Guilty. Our Garages, Basements, Attics, Closets and Drawers are Filled to the Brim With Stuff.

Ignoring the recommerce trend could be a big mistake. It’s beginning to affect even consumers’ initial purchase decisions, as they factor an item’s resale value into the cost of ownership for a growing range of purchases.

For some consumers, the value of recommerce derives more from being green than getting some green for their used goods.

“With the middle class being squeezed, the 99% are looking for ways to be more ­frugal.” Said Michael owner of Ditch-it. Another factor: despite shrinking bank accounts, many people can’t help but lust for the latest gadgets and fashions—and Ditch-it’s recommerce platform offers them the chance to trade in to trade up for cryptocurrency.

Ditch-it is calling this new blockchain movement “re-commerce,” or the redistribution of used goods through our local meet up channels. Instead of sifting through disorganized racks, or negotiating with online scammers, Ditch-it re-commerce shoppers browse quality items nearby, at low price points from the comfort of home.

There are quite a few successful re-commerce companies such as Gazelle, OfferUp and Letgo. Ditch-it launched it’s ICO for this space to continue growing in the crypto community, and for second-hand shopping to become a default consumer habit, the experience needs to be transparent, private, risk-free and seamless. For those who are looking to enter and grow this space, join our ICO and Ditch-it will make this proven model work, and start to disrupt a $100 billion dollar industry. Let’s work together to prove that used is smarter, and start to shift the transformation one consumer at a time.

When recommerce is done right, everyone benefits. “The customer gets a discount and you get a sale. It’s a win/win for everybody,” says Michael. With consumer confidence still weak, a recommerce platform could be just the catalyst your business needs to get today’s fickle shoppers shopping again.

The i❤Ditch-it car decal is a fun rewarding way to earn crypto and entertain the cars sitting behind you in traffic with a custom bumper sticker that’s a reflection of you and your personality. This is one of the best and easiest ways to spread the word about our community and earn cryptocurrency at the same time.

Over a million people go kookoo about buying and selling on Ditch-it every month! Ditch-it is in hundreds of local communities all around the world, all run by the local community.

Join Ditch-it ICO and get a FREE decal to earn crypto.

Join Ditch-it ICO: https://www.ditchit.io

Follow Us on Telegram: https://t.me/ditchitapp


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