You can earn real Bitcoin with this mobile game

Japan has given us a lot of different things, both great and sometimes not so regular. And now there is a Japanese game where players can actually earn micro-bits of Bitcoin as they explore 3,000 underground levels. And the best part, the game is free to play. It is a game that consists of weapons, special items, and cryptocurrency treasure.

The 2D mobile game is called Itadaki Dungeon developed by Atstage, and is similar to games like Itadaki Street and Dragon Quest. The levels are essentially dungeons, which give players the opportunity to use swords, hammers or guns to take down all the monsters that are waiting to get them.

As players progress through the levels, they will come across little treasures each of which contain a micro-bit of Bitcoin to add to their personal collection. The players can accumulate as much as they come across in the game. The game is available on iOS and Android, and has a 4.1 rating on the Google Play Store and some positive reviews on the App Store.

The app description on the Play Store reads, “The courses are simple with flat, one-lane paths that you can rush through on your way to the stairway to the next underground level.” There are no special requirements to join the game, and one can nab as many items as they like inside the dungeon. Items are dropped at points where other players quit a level or died. These happen to be perfect chances to get items, and the developers suggest that you make sure to pick them up.

Like other games Itadaki Dungeon wants to maximize on the micro-Bitcoin currency. Players should not hope to amass a big amount of bitcoin from the get go, as players who already have been playing report that it takes quite a while to gather even a little amount.

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