Bitplay Club Has Announced Further Updates of Its Blockchain-Based Lottery

Bitplay Club has announced the launch of its 5-36 Provably Fair Bitcoin Lottery – a further step in the company’s challenging plan to diversify its product portfolio.

The 5-36 lottery uses the concept already known to Bitplay Club customers. Participants in the lottery select numbers and wait for the drawing session. After the closing time, drawing of the winning numbers begins. These are determined by the hashes of recently found Bitcoin blocks, and the formula posted on the company’s website. The method allows tracing how each winning number is obtained, and thus provides assurance to the players that the outcome is generated independently of the lottery operator.

One major feature that the company has introduced is payment in altcoins. Although the ticket price and the jackpot are denominated in BTC, customers may now use all major altcoins to pay for the tickets. Another update affects the company’s website platform – it is now completely localized into the Russian language.

The starting jackpot size for the 5-36 lottery is 0.2 BTC. Unless the jackpot is hit, this amount will continue to grow in the subsequent draws. All prize payments apart from the jackpot are fixed based on how many winning numbers there are in the ticket.

The company has established the price of its 5-36 lottery ticket at around 0.00005 ВТС. This goes in line with its previously declared intention of making the lottery accessible to everyone. For the 6-45 option, the BTC-fixed ticket price is currently around USD 0.8.

Besides the low ticket price, other lottery features like fixed prize payments, clear drawing process, good chances to win, may also become drivers of its success.

Bitplay Club recognizes that changes in the online gaming industry will be both technology- and customer-driven. Shifts in customers’ attitudes and preferences are now clearly visible. Customers look for provably reliable, state-of-the-art services that are transparent and open for review. Bitplay Club strongly believes it can deliver this value proposition to the client.

The company is monitoring the online gaming market for trends and shifting customer attitudes, and considers this a great tool for further service improvement. Recently, the company launched a short survey on its website. The survey results will be incorporated into the company’s plans to allow it to gain a competitive edge in this tight market.

Bitplay Club Lottery options 5-36 and 6-45 are accessible on desktop and mobile platforms. The 5-36 option has gone online on March 12, 2018.

The 6-45 option has been available since December 8, 2017, and there have been 103 daily draws since then. The jackpot here has yet to be hit, and at March 19, 2018, it is over 5 BTC.

About Bitplay Club

Bitplay Club , a nascent online game operator, was created by a group of blockchain champions and developers who intend to provide various game options to the general public, marketing them as 100% provably fair. The company strives to empower its customers by resolving the long standing issues of trustworthiness and transparency. The greater mission of the company is promotion of the blockchain concept, bringing knowledge and benefits of the blockchain to its clients.

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