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Project Description:

RepuX’s blockchain-backed platform enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to capitalize on business solutions via the data sharing network. SMEs often don’t know how to optimally utilize the data they have amassed in order to make impactful business decisions and lack the resources needed to implement them. Developers, on the other hand, seek data to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven applications as well as enterprise customers to sell information back to. RepuX unlocks the untapped value trapped within this disconnect by allowing SMEs to upload data and list potential use cases. Developers are then able to purchase the data to create customized applications which they can then sell back to SMEs. The RepuX platform anonymizes data and maintains quality through reputation scores determined by purchasers.

Industries and businesses that stand to benefit from applications integrated with the RepuX protocol include medical records, Electronic Point of Sale “EPOS”, Credit Scoring, E-commerce and International Trade, Advertising and Online content, Big Data, and Archival Databases, amongst others. The use of this technology would level the playing field for SMEs and SMBs competing with big data giants in the digital economy. RepuX brings trust and power back to developers and users, with no centralized authority needed to vet interactions.

Live Marketplace:
Official Website:
Senior Leadership Operation Team:

Marcin Welner (2012100ERPCRM.)
Aleksandra Staszewska (10)
Tomasz Tybon (SaaS10 630)
Przemyslaw Kocznur (10PHP)
Taras Bazyshyn( 6)
Damian Babula( /)
Investment and Advisory Team:

Dr Jay Best ( Best2017C)
Yagub Rahimov (7marketz Inc.)
Douglas Pike (Vericoin Founder, C ++
Historical Performance:

In an exciting development, WorkHQ has signed a deal with RepuX which could potentially grant the RepuX platform access to millions of SMEs in China. WorkHQ is a China-based inventory software that is used by SMEs to manage sales and purchase orders across Amazon, Taobao, and Tmall. In signing the 5-year contract with RepuX, WorkHQ is providing SMEs using its software with the option to earn RepuX tokens for selling their data. RepuX is the first token sale that is developing RESTful APIs for selling company data to developers, who, in turn, are able to build decentralized applications and sell them back to companies. This is the first data sharing and DAPP creation ecosystem of its kind.

Here is a link to the announcement:

Tokens Issued: 

Total 500 million REPUX
Issued: 250 million REPUX
Price is 1 REPUX = 0.2 USD
No Lock Up Period
Presale Discount: 50% (0.1 USD)
Purchases above 100,000 USD, 4% Cashback in ETH or in REPUX
Purchases above 1,000,000 USD 60% Discount (0.08 USD)
General Sale Discount: 30%(0.14 USD)
Hard Cap: 33,100,000 USD
Token Issuing Time: At the end of Token Sale at Middle of March

Investment Highlights

Typical Blockchain Application: Businesses do not wish to keep their data in a centralized location and RepuX is developing a multi signature decentralized storage solution to address these needs
Huge Marketspace: Enterprise & Small& Medium Business IT spending is a 4 trillion dollar market and RepuX platform forms the intersection between small medium enterprises, big data and AI applications. This comprehensive set of business data will be data that even giants like Google or Alibaba doesn’t have and there would be innovative applications and new use cases generated from it.
Channels of Distribution: Signed partnerships and pilot programs with companies that have substantial businesses as a customer base.   
Live Platform: Unlike most token sales, RepuX has a live platform where buyers and sellers can transact data.
Experienced Team:  RepuX team has decades of experience in SAAS, Big Data, Blockchain and Logistics.
Utility of Tokens: To purchase business data/ AI services/decentralized applications on the Repux Platform which would be recurring transactions in nature

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