eToro Market Research: DASH

Ryan Taylor is the current CEO of Dash Core, which leads the development of the Dash project. Before joining Dash, he was an Associate Partner at McKinsey and also served as analyst in a  New York-based multi-billion dollar hedge fund. He joined the project in 2014 and served as Dash’s Director of Finance before replacing Evan Duffield as CEO.In the Proof-of-Work protocol, computers in the network compete to solve mathematical problems in order to obtain rewards in the form of coins, while securing the network. A downside of this is the high costs and environmental impact in terms of energy associated with this protocol.For more information regarding cryptoasset valuation models like the one used in this Section, please visit the following resources:Exhibit 2 shows the evolution of the DASH/USD price during this bear market. With the exception of a few rebounds, it followed a clear downtrend until the beginning of April, where it formed a double bottom support at $280. During April, it climbed back to $500 and has since remained relatively stable around the resistance established in February 2018 at $400.  The medium-term trend of the price will depend on whether Dash is able to secure this support, as well as the result of testing higher resistances at the $600-700 levels.

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