Meet and Greet: Get to Know the Most Influential People In Crypto Twitter

There are several key players in the crypto-sphere. They include:

Gavin Andresen

After Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared, Gavin took his place as the lead developer for the Bitcoin project. That is why he is commonly referred to as the man who built Bitcoin. Hence, he is without question a very significant individual in the crypto world. Although he is not extremely informative on Twitter, his background and fame in Bitcoin make him a person of interest nonetheless. He has a total of 143,000 followers on Twitter.

Nick Szabo

He is one of the founding fathers of the blockchain. He is a significant player in scaling and securing current crypto meta. Within the crypto-sphere, he is famous for his research on smart contracts. The cryptographer’s influence on Ethereum, one of the most significant crypto projects, have caused speculations that Nick might be Satoshi Nakamoto. These claims have however been put to rest on more than one occasion.

His popularity due to Ethereum led to the team developing the crypto to name a subunit of Ethereum as Szabo. He has 219,000 followers on Twitter.

Max Keiser

Max is a bold speaker and Bitcoin supporter with an exciting personality in the crypto world. Being a broadcaster and filmmaker, he is famous for producing finance-themed documentary and developing the favorite online game, The Hollywood Stock Exchange. His favorite show, Keiser Report, provides him with a platform where he talks about factors affecting cryptocurrency which puts him in the front row in the crypto space.

His humorous thoroughly documented educational tweets and his twitter channel that provides the Best Bitcoin wallet market prediction are some of the reasons why he is worth following on Twitter. He has over 225,000 followers on Twitter.

Roger Ver

Currently, Roger Ver has 539,000 followers on Twitter. He is famous in the blockchain ecosystem as he is one of the primary advocates for Bitcoin cash. He is also a fearsome critic of Bitcoin. According to a tweet on February 12th, he expresses his little interest on BTC that was currently bearish. He says it was slow, expensive and unreliable for conducting transactions by the current BTC supporters. If you are looking forward to learning more about the drawbacks of Bitcoins, Roger Ver is the guy to follow.

Spencer Bogart

Spencer is careful to post insightful market observations. With the background on wall street, the venture capitalist is one of the first of his kind to move into the cryptocurrency market. Although he is famous for very informative posts, he also has a habit of retweeting on a massive scale. He has 85,200 followers on Twitter.

Alex Sunnarborg

Alex Sunnarborg is one of the co-founding partners of tetras Capital, a hedge fund that diversifies the blockchain. He is also a coin based former research analyst. He is arguably one of the best analysts and traders with 27,600 twitter followers. His tweets give insight on feature interviews comprehensive charts and detailed market predictions. If you are crypto trader heavily invested in the crypto-sphere, Sunnarborg should be added to your twitter feeds.

Linda Xie

She has 46,600 followers on Twitter. Being the coin base product manager, she provides informative tutorials and crypto news on her twitter channel for new and old players in the cryptocurrency market.

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