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The type of games often depends upon the collectibles involved.

For example, 0xUniverse enables players to buy a planet and use their resources to build a spaceship. They can then go and explore the virtual galaxy, conquering new planets along the way.

Meanwhile, Ether Quest offers a fantasy role-playing game (RPG) where unique fighters can be collected, trained and used in battles. New warriors are mined through something known as a ‘summoning ritual.’

Another example is Blockchain Cuties. Here, adorable animals and fantasy creatures can be collected, bred and also put to the test in battles. The more experience they gain, the more they ‘level up.’

A blockchain-based platform, MyCryptons, is giving people the chance to buy digital collectibles of public figures, ranging from Donald Trump to Oprah Winfrey. Each Crypton comes with a handcrafted image of the person it represents. Humorous or satirical “gaglines” can be added underneath and shared on social media.

One of the pioneers of this genre was CryptoKitties, which offered collectible, digital kittens with their very own unique attributes. By December 2017, the decentralized platform had surpassed $12 million in sales — with one rare kitten being sold for $120,000.


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