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Step:1 Click the “Contribute Now” button on the Hurify Tokenlot portal :

Tokenlot — Hurify Token Purchase

Fill this form with your details and click on Pay Now.

Step:2 Selecting the Pay now will present Payment Selection Form.

Payment Selection Form

Step:3 For Ethereum payment select PAY WITH METAMASK, it will present a Metamask window to transfer ETH from your wallet to payment address. Select submit button in Metmask to send the ETH for Token purchase. Then skip to step 6.

Watch this video to know how to install and setup Metamask:

Note: You can purchase Hurify Tokens with any of the 37 Altcoins mentioned here: Bitcoin; Aragon; Basic Attention Token; Bancor; Bitcoin Cash; Blackcoin;Clams; Dash; Decred; Digitbyte; District0x; Dogecoin; Edgeless; FunFair; Gamecredits; Matchpool; Komodo; LBRY Credits; Litecoin; Metal; Monacoin; Numeraire; Nxt; Potcoin; Augur; iExec; Salt; Status; SingularTV; Swarm City; WeTrust; Vericoin; Vertcoin; Monero; Ripple; Zcash;0x

Step:4 For payment using another crypto currency, select Pay with Altcoins. You will be presented with Shapeshift Form1 to choose the Currency of Payment and the amount. Enter Return address and Email for your safety.

Shapeshift Form1

Step: 5 On submitting this to shapeshift you need to send your Altcoin to the address mentioned in shapeshift Form 2 within 10 minutes.

Shapeshift Form2

Once you transfer chosen Altcoin to the Shapeshift “Deposit Address” being displayed on your screen. You can then see a confirmation for the transaction at the bottom of Shapeshift Form2.Please note that this address is different for each transaction.

Watch this video to know how to use Shapeshift:

Step:6 This completes your Hurify Token purchase process on Tokenlot

You will receive a confirmation Email from Tokenlot for the Token Purchase. The HUR tokens will be deployed to your Ethereum wallet once we complete your KYC information after the Presale closes.

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