BitAsset Combines Digital Assets with Traditional Finance to Enter the Global Trading Platform Market as a Unicorn

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San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW) is still in full swing. At this grand blockchain conference, there are world-renowned investment funds, industry giants and scholars from a myriad of disciplinaries.BitAsset, in particular, has been invited to the Berkeley China Summit and Token Foundry Panel to discuss trends and future layouts of the blockchain industry with leading companies the likes of Consensys, BUMO, Zcash, Oben, Oasis, Alibaba and Singularity. At the SFBW conference, BitAsset focused on sharing the new blue ocean market of digital assets combined with traditional finance, including the investment and partnership layout since its launch, and also explained the launch of relevant financial derivatives in the second half of the year and the projected goal of becoming a TOP20 trading platform. Finally, BitAsset also shared the vision and future vision of blockchain at the Berkeley China Summit.

The end of BCS-Berkeley China Summit. The third from the right is the Co-founder of BitAsset, Robert.

BitAsset Believes that Combining Digital Assets and Traditional FinanceMay Createa New Blue Ocean Within the CryptocurrencyMarket

The bear market situation in the overall economy has gradually extended to the cryptocurrency market. And according to statistics ofCoinmarketcap, there is an increasing number of trading platforms, with active registrations of more than 2,000 institutions. Yet despite the adversity, BitAsset is breaking through the existing market and creating a newopportunitywithin the cryptocurrency market by combining digital assets with traditional finance.Through the exposure of online promotion and education, and simultaneously expanding their financial landing strategy with offline services, they are redirecting the cryptocurrency market towards alternative O2O and becoming the next unicorn in the blockchain industry.

BitAsset co-founder Robert explained: “To reduce investment risk by putting together a high-quality project portfolio and establishing a data-based reward mechanism, the investment concept of the cryptocurrency market is similarto thatof traditional financing. Then when trading becomes mining, and the effect of online promotional strategies like new user perks and currency dividends become gradually limited, the traditional financial approach combined with an offline sales service team will have the potential to break through the new blue ocean.”

The feedback for such a new operation has been quite positive. In addition to localized teams set inTaiwan,China,Hong Kong,South KoreaandNorth Americamarkets, BitAsset continues to recruit customer management teams in key global financial markets such asthe United States,South KoreaandJapan. A more professional and efficient service system will be established to meet the diversified asset planning needs of general investors to high net worth clients and fund institutions.

In Addition to Cryptocurrency Trading, BitAsset has Recently Made Financial Derivatives Available Online and Continue to Actively Participate in the FinancialMarket

Futures trading has also made an appearance at blockchain’s highlight events of the year. Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street investment banks have launched bitcoin futures commodities (NDF), demonstrating that cryptocurrency financial derivatives have gradually gained market attention. This year, BitAsset will also launch the layout of private banking-style financial management services and financial derivatives in cryptocurrency, including ETF index funds, margin financing and securities, and futures. After the introduction of financial derivatives, it will attract more investment users to enter the cryptocurrency market and expand market ecology and depth. It is expected that the futures simulation market will be launched in the second half of this month, and long-term operation will likely be comprehensive.

BitAsset co-founder Robert said: “Although the trading market for digital financial derivatives is still nascent, the market sentiment of digital assets continues to grow over time. Investor focus and interestareprojected to extend from cryptocurrency to futures trading and other commodities, making these a major investment target.”

As blockchain technology and understanding the local market go hand in hand, BitAsset is firmly taking its first step towards the global financial market

To businesses that involve many different partners in nature like cross-border payment, large-volume e-commerce, insurance charity, etc., highly efficient and reliable records are extremely vital. Blockchain’s decentralized characteristics helps shorten temporal and special distance between investors and invested businesses. Furthermore, businesses can take this opportunity to adopt new mechanisms and mindset, and with tokenization on the top layer, high fluidity digital asset is thus created.

Of course, being a member of such a new industry, we think it is important to have sufficient communication with local legislative and financial institutions. However, sales teams in many countries have observed that many users, business, and even governmental agencies still do not know how blockchain and digital assetswork. Therefore, BitAsset will shoulder the responsibility of industry education and realization of blockchain application in daily life, and promote the correct concepts of safe digital asset trading as our first step moving into the global financial market.

First group of investment institutions have joined us; our next goal: to become the world’s top 20 tradingplatform

Since BitAsset’s official launch this August, we have successfully pushed our platform into the market by having 5 investment institutions on our platform. We are currently working towards adding institutions worldwide, and partners that have signed collaboration agreement with us, namely AMBER AI, ChaiNext, Lingjun Investment, etc. will share resources andtechnology mutually with BitAsset. BitAsset and its partners will also make decisions and manage our businesses together. In addition, we will start working with Consensys, which we announcedour collaboration at SFBW, to plan for future developments in the digital finance industry.

Other than including more institutions on our platform, BitAsset is also delving into investors and the general public market by holding debugging rewards and team trading competitions. We have also actively participated in various blockchain and digital asset forums — SFBW and Consensus:Singapore2018 — at home and abroad, to gain exposure as the industry’s unicorn.

In addition to existing resource, Robert, BitAsset’s co-founder, thinks future potential increase in trading volume lies in offline traders, overseas users, and high net worth investors and institutions. “As we get to know our customers, we discovered that family funds and high net worth investors are much more knowledgeable and devoted into the crypto market than we have imagined, so now we are seeking collaboration among such groups.”

Currently, BitAssetis focused on ranking inthe top 20 trading platformson Coinmarketcap, and a daily average transaction volume target of90 million USD. Having digital financial service platform as our building block, we will incorporate AI and Big Data to provide fintech solutions such as cross-border payment, supply chain finance in the future, and gradually form a complete supply chain at global level.

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About BitAsset

Established inDecember 2017, BitAsset is the first comprehensive digital asset trading platform in the world to comply with “Traditional Financial Institute Standards”. Headquartered inHong Kong, we strive to become a global player by setting up branch offices in important financial markets likeTaiwan,South Korea,North America, etc. BitAsset supports many crypto-fiat pairs, and owns an independent accurate pairing and matching system. Our management team members are Wall Street veterans that have previously served in top-notch investment banks like JP Morgan, Bank of America, etc. BitAsset is a digital asset trading platform at its core, providing abundant digital asset trading services and products like spot transactions, futures, ETF index, financing securities and other digital asset derivatives, while also crossing over to AI and Big Data technology to provide multiple industry solutions such as individual identification verification, cross-border payment, supply chain finance, and so on.

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