Primefund Capital: Safe Cryptocurrency Investment To Earn Bitcoin?

What Is Primefund Capital?

PrimeFund Capital is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a proven record of accomplishment of success in major exchanges. Apart from the traditional trading method, PrimeFund Capital utilizes bitcoin futures that enable users to hedge transactions and increase the success rate of financial transactions.

The platform has a well-built, flexible trading strategy, which offers quick responses to market changes that enables it to make timely adjustments. Similarly, the platform consists of a team of highly professional financiers, traders, economists, analysts, and financial consultants who are skilled in making decisions and strategies that will ensure the growth of the company and investment profits.

How Investing On PrimeFund Capital To Earn Bitcoin Works

PrimeFund offers individuals with the opportunity to invest in the high-yield cryptocurrency market without necessarily having a large start-up capital or to fulfill some specified conditions. Each of the exchange transactions on PrimeFund is based on the critical assessment of the current trends in major markets in Europe and predictions from the platform’s analytical department.

Traders and investors can select alternative trading options that do not require them to have experience, insider sources, or in-depth understanding of the specs and shortcomings of a particular exchange. The option involves the traders or investors transferring their funds to the rust management team of professionals that will provide them with a reliable financial partner, stable dividends, and a practical experience of the high yield investment.

Sixty percent of the investment capital is allocated towards increasing the number, volume of trade transactions on the platform, while 20% of the investment capital is invested in promising blockchain based ICO projects, and the remaining 20% is stored in the reserve fund. The total profits are distributed to traders and investors depending on the terms of the investment plans they have chosen.

Primefund Capital Investment plans

There are four investment plans: Trading Bot, Popular, Bitcoin Futures and Standard. The choice of an investment plan relies on the personal preference of investors. Each of the investment plans has its own investment period after which the investors receive their initial deposit.

PrimeFund Capital also features an affiliate program where users could earn additional income in form of cash rewards by inviting other users to the platform and registering them on the affiliate link that is generated on the platform.

Primefund Capital Advantages

Diversified Investments

The platform effectively distributes equity and borrowed capital, which reduces the risk of the investments while increasing their profitability. PrimeFund Capital also critically analyzes investments to minimize and determine the future financial stability of the company.

Effective Cryptocurrency Trading

PrimeFund Capital has vast knowledge regarding various cryptocurrencies and exchanges and a team of highly professional traders, which will result to the achievement of highly successful transactions and profitability indicators.

International Benchmarks

Investments through PrimeFund Capital are based on the development of new global concepts as well as emphasis on the success of international experiences; this increases the company’s efficiency and reliability.

Guaranteed Payments

PrimeFund Capital is not affected by internal or external adverse factors. Therefore, investors will always receive their full payments in a timely manner.


The platform implements a unique deposit protection technology that ensures the safety of investment. However, in the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, investors will be fully compensated through the reserve fund.

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