India's National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Hacked to Promote Bitcoin Twitter Scams

Crypto scammers and hackers have no shame at all. They are so selfish and criminal that they do not even spare important services in order to make a quick buck. For instance, we have recently reported a new case of hackers using a ransomware on an East Coast water utility company to demand Bitcoin. The most recent cases that we have seen was spotted by The Next Web’s Hard Fork.

Hackers attacked the official Twitter profile of India’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and used it to promote a fake Bitcoin giveaway that was used to steal money from people. Just yesterday we also reported that scammers were using fake profiles of Elon Musk to announce these crypto giveaway scams.

This time, the hackers did not use the account to link directly to the scam, but they responded to malicious links directly using it. This was, perhaps, an effort to make the whole scam look somewhat more credible.

One of the tweets from the hacked NDMA reports that “I sent 0.30 BTC and got 6 BTC back”, trying to make it look as if the scam was legitimate. Another one was “Elon, you are the best person I have ever seen in my life”.

The Trouble Is Over Now

After some time, the NDMA was able to get the profile back from the attackers and to wipe out all the messages but the scammers may have duped some people along the way.

This is obviously another part of the movement that is reuniting scammers in order to hack verified accounts and scam people. Just yesterday, the hackers were reported to make $150,000 USD worth in cryptos by hacking several verified profiles on social media, mostly on Twitter.

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