Remco announced today that the team has been able to tokenize TRY (Turkish Lira) successfully on…

Based on the available data, there are about 56m Internet users in the country and a population of around 81m, while the GDP is estimated to be $851b in 2017. There are many competent mobile payment operators and carrier in the country. Remittance inflow to the country in 2017 was estimated to be $1.1b. There are about 49 banks in the country. We anticipate a substantial utilization of blockchain technology especially for storing and distributing stored value products in the Country.

There is a consensus that global remittances can be more efficient with blockchain technology, but a successful tech-build using blockchain requires not just blockchain expertise, but a superior understanding of the existing money transmission model and how blockchain can be used to improve on the processes.

By tokenizing this currency, local FinTech companies in the country can take advantage of blockchain technology that is gaining widespread recognition in the future without having to reinvent the wheel. For example, they can utilize Remco blockchain solution to tokenize, secure and distribute digital assets, stored value products such as gift cards, money transmission effortlessly.

This move can now pave the way for all stored value transactions on the blockchain. The remittance blockchain solution is now available to corporations in this country looking to take advantage of the efficiency and security of blockchain.

For corporations, there is Remco token purchase requirement to participate before going Live. This requirement is designed to help the ecosystem.

Tokenization can help disrupt the $613-billion remittance market and $1.5 trillion global gift card market
Tokenization has been demonstrated to have the capability to bring about efficiency, transparency.

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