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Bitcoin has become the most sought-after cryptocurrency, and many are looking for ways of acquiring the coin. As a result, many sites have been created to provide for this customer segment.

But can it be possible to earn Bitcoins for free? While this might seem infeasible, there are actually a few methods that can get you those BTC without requiring any cash from you.

1. Bitcoin faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is a widget on websites that offers or “drips” small amounts of Bitcoin for completing small tasks or for just entering the site. A website that has a faucet on it might give out a fraction of a Bitcoin every few minutes. But the amount given to a user is usually extremely small, worth of a few cents or dollars.

The purpose of a faucet is to serve as a promotional feature. If a faucet brings more visitor to a website, it can result to increase traffic, higher interaction and ad revenue.

2. Bitcoin games

Games that award players with very small amounts of Bitcoin as a prize are almost everywhere you look. But they are also riddled with tons of ads, which might be at times quite inconvenient.

The principal is similar to that used in Bitcoin faucets. The Bitcoin reward is given to players that spend the most amount of time playing the game and viewing ads, which is how advertisers reach a broader audience.

If you are not bothered by ads popping up, and you have enough time at your disposal, then pick a game you enjoy and wait for your minuscule BTC prizes to add up. There are many kinds of games, including casino games, slot games, flash games, trading games, quiz games, and arcade games.

Here are a few games that let you earn free Bitcoin: mBit, SaruTobi, freebitcoin, Onehash, Stake.com, and SatoshiQuizz.

3. Affiliate programs

While not exactly free Bitcoin, affiliate marketing programs reward its users in Bitcoin if they bring new clients to a service or if they promote a brand.  There are many Bitcoin referral programs out there, and affiliate programs exist in almost all industries, cryptocurrency included.

For example, by signing up to service through an affiliate link, you can receive a few dollars’ worths of Bitcoin for free. When you can receive discounts or free money, it can be worth putting in a little effort to sign up for a service via an affiliate link instead of just signing up directly.

4. Earn free Bitcoins by completing tasks on websites

There are certain websites, similar to the ones that use faucets, which reward its users for completing certain tasks, but these require a little more than just making views for a site.

While this is a legitimate concept, the reward is actually very little for a lot of invested time. Below is a list of some popular websites that might interest you, should you have time to spare and really want to earn yourself some tiny bits of Bitcoin.

Bitfortip–  If you like interacting with other community members, this is ideal for you. The site gives Bitcoins rewards to users that answer forum questions. The service not only pays rewards in Bitcoin for answering questions, but it also contributes to building a stronger community for those that are interested in Bitcoin and many other subjects related to crypto and blockchain.

COINADDER– This site pays users in Satoshis to watch videos and websites. The payout is small, however, before getting yourself into earning Bitcoins more seriously through watching ads, you should take into account the length of a video rather than the reward per view. When all’s said and done you will want to have the maximum amount of Bitcoins you can possibly earn in an hour.

Vidybit– Similar to the site mentioned above, you can earn Bitcoins only from watching videos.

freedigitalmoney.com–  By making purchases in Bitcoin, this site will reward you in the same coin. The advantage to this site is that it doesn’t require a user account, all you have to do is put in your Bitcoin address to get those coins.

CoinWorker– As its name implies, this site will really make you “work” for your coins, more specifically, by completing analytical tasks. In order to participate, you must create a user account. Compared to the abovementioned sites, this one is reported to give higher rewards, but that is pretty sensible as the tasks are more “complex” in difficulty.

Earning Bitcoins from carrying out tasks on websites is a viable possibility to bring some coins to your wallet, but don’t expect to make a fortune through this method.


If you want to get familiar with Bitcoin, using one of the aforementioned methods is a simple way of getting into the crypto world. But as we mentioned before, the payouts are not that substantial.

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