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The internet is saturated with music streaming sites. There are all kinds of ways to make money. There are lots of online organizations for eco-activism. But, there’s no one project that does all of those things, right? There actually is, and it’s called Feedbands.

What Is Feedbands?

Feedbands has actually been around for a couple of years but it’s recently reinvented itself. They announced the new business model in a blog post earlier this month.

Feedbands is a website for streaming music by independent artists. Listeners listen and vote on albums that they really like. Every month, the winning album is released on vinyl by the platform.

Listeners and the bands that they listen to both get paid in Bitcoin for every stream. For every 100 streams, Feedbands plants a tree.

So, how rich can you get by listening to music or posting music on Feedbands?

How Does It Work?

Artists submit their music to the platform as part of a nonexclusive agreement. That means that the music on Feedbands can also be on other sites and still belongs to the artist. Every time that someone streams a song, the artist is paid one cent in Bitcoin. Feedbands is proud to say that that is over twice what artists earn from other streaming sites.

Feedbands calls their music “cloud-curated” because listeners help to promote the bands that they like. Because of that system, Feedbands also pays listeners. Feedbands pays listeners half of a cent per stream.

Two other groups of people can also earn money from Feedbands streams. Listeners who share music get 15¢ when the songs that they share are streamed. People who get artists and listeners to sign up also get 15¢ per stream.

A Bitcoin Saved is a Bitcoin Earned

Things can get a little complicated because the value of cryptocurrencies can go up and down.

Whatever USD value paid is based on the value of Bitcoin when it goes into your account. If you leave it in your account for a while, it might be worth more or less than when you earned it. That depends on what cryptocurrency markets are doing.

That means that if the value of Bitcoin goes up, you make more than what Feedbands meant to pay you. If the value of Bitcoin goes down, you lose a little. Either way, Feedbands doesn’t care. If Bitcoin goes down, they don’t pay you more. In case it goes up, they don’t ask for money back.

If you want to get paid without worrying about cryptocurrency markets, you can opt to receive a check.They’ll only send checks for $100, though, and that’s a lot of music.

Getting paid for listening to music. Discovering and promoting new artists. Planting trees. If all of this sounds appealing to you, check out Feedbands.

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