BTCPay Server Highlights How to Earn Your Own Bitcoin via Stores, Invoices, Retail and Donations – Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Earning your own Bitcoin offers a whole host of benefits that buying it just cannot compete with, but the biggest is privacy.

There is prevalence of tech-infused solutions in our day-to-day lives. Especially as we continue to integrate technology into almost everything we do as individuals within an increasingly fast-moving society.

Naturally, questions on privacy, from how to maintain it, to how to ensure its long-term security have become focal points, especially with the rise of tech giants like Facebook and Google or with an increasing adaption to smartphones.

When you buy bitcoin, you are ultimately sharing data with third-parties or custodians whom you have no control over. And storing it becomes even more problematic as most of us gravitate towards the easy to use digital currency wallets and the crypto markets that offer them. But with a surge in hacks and general swindling of digital currency in 2018, this has clearly not proven to be the safest way to hold on to your coins.

Earning btc means your money, your rules. You can store it where you want and how you want, even on your own private program in your own computer. If you choose something bigger to store it in, you can ultimately decide where it goes and why.

Even more delightful, the self-sovereignty it brings. That is a kind of power most of us have no experienced and, more importantly, it is part of the point with the inception of Bitcoin in the first place.

As digital currencies gain more traction the world over, building trust amongst experts and consumers and making regulation or market deals with various governments and regions, there is benefit from being in a position to require spending it.

It puts the consumer on the inside, teaching them more and putting their savings in something that has statistically had a steady rise in value for the last 10 years (despite the bubble and bust market it is known to be in the short term). More importantly still, it provides data and a means by which there is organic distribution in markets around the world, improving its value and sustainability.

This article primarily focuses on how to accumulate bitcoin through the BTCPay Server.

Bitcoin Invoices- Freelancers, Business Owners, Journalists and Writers, Musicians

The quickest and easy way to earn bitcoin is to start accepting it as a form of payment. Whether you are a small business owner, a pay per article Journalist, a Musician, or any other kind of freelancer, you can choose to opt Bitcoin as an accepted (or of the daring, ONLY) form of payment.

BTCPay has made a series of videos showing you how to do just that, depending on your needs and the type of business you have going for yourself:

Bitcoin in Retail and Donations

Store owners have a more traditional, brick and mortar built-in PoS (Point of Sale) web app, complete with customization and the ability to be run on older phones and tablets without extra hardware:

While those accepting donations, like bloggers and charities, can utilize the more handy Pay Button customization:

Bitcoin Your Crowdfunding

Need funds for a project or idea? BTCPay Server has an interface designed specifically for you.

You can create a self-hosted crowd-funding campaign that you are the owner of, no more following the rules of someone else or paying fees to the host:

In the Weeds Bitcoin Earnings- For The Techies

For those with a more know-how of technology or programming in general, there are even more ways for you to earn Bitcoin on the side (or full time) by becoming a payment processor, sell BTCPay Harware Devices, Host BTCPay Servers on the cloud, or develop and proved BTCPay Services.

Sovereignty of Self

Despite BTCPay being a powerful tool for people to start earning their own btc, it is far from the only way to do it. However, if you’re looking for something user friendly, free step by step youtube videos on how to go forward with your plans, and the ability to cater to your great knowledge (or lack-there-of) of the realm, look no further.

With BTCPay you can explore and share ideas, learn and grow, and earn your very own assets that will only continue to have more prevalence in today’s world.

For further information, check these out:


And above all, do not be afraid to explore what BTCPay Servers have to offer.

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