Vitalik Buterin will lose faith in humanity if Tron overtakes Ethereum

  • Buterin revealed that Ethereum has good relationships with Dfinity and Zcash. They are also “warming with Ethereum Classic.” 
  • He is not worried about Ethereum’s crowdsale violating securities law.

Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum co-founder, sat down with Laura Shin during an episode of the Unchained podcasts. Here are some interesting talking points that came about during the interview:

Is Ethereum losing its lead?

Buterin says that it is true to some extent, however, he reminded that Ethereum is still an early project and as an industry grows older, newer projects emerge which have learned from the projects that came before them.

Would you personally be upset if another blockchain takes the lead?

Buterin believes that Dfinity is Ethereum’s most promising competitor and that they have friendly relations with Zcash and are even “warming with Ethereum Classic.” However, if Tron overtakes Ethereum, he “will have lost a certain amount of hope for humanity.”

On ether’s price

“I’m going to be really candid. Some of the early rhetoric about the price not mattering at all…in part came from signaling [that Ethereum was] different from other projects that did pumping and Lambo-ing way too much…projects will be better if prices go up.”

Ethereum’s crowdsale violating securities law

“We definitely have our lawyers and our legal team. We don’t have a reason to worry right now.”


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