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Back then in the Wild West, a popular occupation amongst the most resourceful gunslingers, was that of the bounty hunter. Bounty hunters were in the business of bringing the bad guys to justice, this professional service is still very much in demand today in various forms albeit refined.

Presently, if you’re able to provide information on most wanted hackers, you can be rewarded in cryptocurrency.

BTC Bounty Hunters Apply Within offers a bounty hunter service on its platform, the service allows users to be paid by crowdsourced funds, for completing published missions.

On the platform, total payouts amount to about 750 BCH. The bitcoin bounty hunter service is unique, such that it aims at a broader range of bounties, with cryptocurrency criminals and hackers in its crosshairs. This widely differs from other bounty platforms which largely focus on identifying bugs in softwares.

This is evidence of the evolution of systems that focus on tackling hackers who bring disrepute to the cryptocurrency space.

Currently Available Bounties

Available bounties on the platform list tasks and their appropriate bounties, some of which are

  • Catching the individual who was responsible for hacking Satoshi’s email – 400 BCH
  • Identifying an extortionist – >200 BCH
  • Catching the individual responsible for Zhou Tong’s and Bitcoinica’s stolen bitcoin.- 100 BCH
  • Identifying the infamous hacker Mt Gox – 30 BCH

    If you require the services of a bounty hunter to settle a score with a hacker, or just has simple assignments e.g. video edits and graphic designing outsourced, register your listing at’s bounty hunter program.

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